Safety Barrier on the Story Bridge in Brisbane Australia
The historic Story Bridge in the heart of Brisbane recently got an unobtrusive security overhaul with the addition of a 3 meter high safety barrier made possible with flexible X-TEND Mesh.

The historic Story Bridge in the heart of Brisbane recently got an unobtrusive security overhaul with the addition of a 3 meter high safety barrier made possible with flexible X-TEND Tensile Mesh.

Ronstan recently completed work on a new safety barrier on the iconic 76 year old Story Bridge in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Today the 777 meter span of the bridge carries thousands of vehicles, bikes and pedestrians over the Brisbane River. It is also the longest cantilever bridge in Australia.

Given the significance of the Story Bridge to the city of Brisbane, it is no surprise then that when plans came together to erect a 3 meter high safety barrier, historic preservation was a top priority in the design. The challenge lay in designing an anti-climb structure which would not detract from the beauty of the original bridge and would ensure pedestrian views of the river, but could also support the required loads.

Ronstan was approached to come up with an aesthetically pleasing and structurally appropriate solution.  Working with their tensile expert engineers, Tensys, they conducted form-finding analysis and provided the nominated reaction loads to ensure the heritage structure had capacity for the system. This resulted in the selection of the X-TEND Tensile Mesh which provided the flexibility, aesthetic, and tensile strength required for the structure’s design.

The unique feature of this design involved using blackened mesh so as not to obstruct the view and give the structure a feeling of lightness. This is no small feat for a project which required 3,400 square meters of X-TEND Mesh. The colored feature was made possible with an additional polyester amino resin, which was hardened to the wire under temperature, so the finish will be long lasting and provide exceptional corrosion resistance.

The X-TEND safety barrier on the Story Bridge was a incredible success. Ronstan Australia is the exclusive distributor of Carl Stahl X-TEND Tensile Mesh. Contact us for more information regarding our security and fall restraint capabilities.

Photos: Fullframe Photographics

  • Product: Carl Stahl X-TEND Mesh
  • Downloads: Carl Stahl X-TEND Catalogue
  • Engineer: Tensys
  • General Constructor/Builder: Freyssinet
  • Installation: X-Tend Mesh Installed by Ronstan Australia
  • Client/Owner: The City Of Brisbane
  • Location: Brisbane, Queensland Australia
  • Completion Date: 2015
Ronstan Tensile Architecture