Taronga “Lemur Forest Adventure” Zoo Enclosure

Taronga Zoo’s “Lemur Forest Adventure” is an experientially rich project which brings together play, education, interpretation and animal care. The project gives physical form to Taronga’s interactive agendas and themes, including lemur welfare and conservation and interpretation of the beauty and wonder of forest environments contrasted against the threat from human actions.

A suite of materials and colours are purposely used throughout. The primary open air zoo structures are light steel frames, overlaid with rope, metal and timber elements. Some are brightly coloured. The security and fall protection, the open enclosure fineness, and the intrinsic material beauty of the woven stainless steel Carl Stahl® X-TEND® mesh supplied and installed by Ronstan Tensile Architecture, suits the forest structure’s relationship to the drama and beauty of its setting, and other elements of Taronga Zoo’s “Lemur Forest Adventure”.

Hill Thalis Architecture



Architect: Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects, Landscape Architect: Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

Product:  Carl Stahl X-TEND Mesh

General Constructor/Bulder: Play Equipment: Corocord

Installation: Ronstan Tensile Architecture

Client/Owner: Taronga Zoo (Taronga Conservation Society Australia)

Location: Sydney, Australia

Completion Date: 2014

© 2015 Ronstan Tensile Architecture

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