Vertical Garden – Simple Cable Structures Can Be The Most Interesting

Hi All,

Sometimes the simplest cable structures are the most interesting! When we launched our world-first fully resolved cable net for home DIY installations at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in March (it’s really a cable trellis for plants), the public certainly agreed and whizzed off 5,000 of our brochures. As a test marketing exercise I think we can say the public liked the product!

Like its larger tensile cable net cousins that might be suspending lighting, passive solar panels, membranes for weather protection, or elements for corporate branding, the Easy Green Cable Trellis displays the same simple form and elegant structure. In this instance, however, this vertical cable net provides very simple, but absolutely necessary, structure for plants to climb and transform the aesthetics of garden walls.

At Ronstan we have designed and installed hundreds of commercial green facades, but we wanted to develop a simple and cost effective mechanism that would bring the same sustainable benefits realised on commercial cable trellis installations to the home vertical garden. The solution was to leverage the properties of one of our tried and true marine composite plastic materials for its strength and longevity and to design features that ensure a simple and trouble free cable trellis installation. If you can operate a drill you can fasten these wall mounts in any pattern or design to timber, masonry or concrete. And the wall mounts have a great integrated swivel clamp at the top that holds the cable and eliminates the need for turnbuckles and other tensioning devices.

So the Easy Green vertical garden is on its way and we are hoping to be flooded with cool images of your very simple cable nets and cable trellis that display the same great attributes of tensile architecture that we immerse ourselves in daily.


Rowan Murray

Ronstan Tensile Architecture