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Catenary Lighting from Ronstan Tensile Architecture over Queensbridge Square in Melbourne

Queensbridge Square – Ronstan Tensile Architecture has successfully delivered Australia’s most significant catenary lighting installations

What is Catenary Lighting?

Light defines space. For large open public areas it creates a transition between environments instead of separation, but too often the placement of support structures or flood lighting from a distance can compromise the mood and useability of the space.

In physics and geometry, a catenary is the curve that a cable assumes under its own weight when supported only at its ends. A catenary lighting system utilises tensioned structural cables to support luminaires with complete and random flexibility exactly where the light is needed. They allow designers to illuminate with pinpoint accuracy, creating a unique ambience and achieving a clear and useable footprint without light poles, masts or intrusive support structures.

Catenary lighting allows the creation of warm and inviting environments that draw the public into previously underutilised spaces, improving security, increasing night-time use, minimising light spill and maximising the return on community assets.



Ronstan Tensile Architecture

Ronstan Tensile Architecture understand stainless steel cables, cable grids, nets and structures and are expert at the implementation of complete custom catenary lighting solutions that compliment the surrounding architecture. Our design team use 3D analysis and structural computer modelling to ensure the most efficient cable and connection design, and make performance checks to ensure luminaries maintain their position and protect the integrity of the lighting design. Ronstan provide this complete concept, installation and certification solution and can tailor a project scope that brings to life your most exuberant lighting or artwork design.


Three Select Catenary Lighting Projects

Artist Stuart Green, in collaboration with Ronstan, created the artwork Aurora – a Aurora – a spectacular catenary lighting solution.
The artwork consists of 2 parallel lines of 45 cable ‘droppers’ each 13m long that hang in a connected curtain above an 80m long pedestrian mall between the two apartment buildings.


Pitt Street Mall

The City of Sydney upgraded the Pitt Street Mall lighting to an energy-efficient catenary system as part of the overall redevelopment works at the precinct. The result is a ladder-like series of lights supported by a high tension stainless steel cable net manufactured and installed by Ronstan Tensile Architecture.


Federation Square

The “openness” presented through the Federation Square catenary lighting system by Ronstan Tensile Architecture play a big part in connecting the diverse context of the city with the surrounding urban and riverside landscapes. By lighting the area and thereby pinpointing landscape features, the system creates a unique and inviting ambience.


Ronstan Tensile Architecture