ACS3-SSM286 Stainless Steel

PRODUCT Cable Ø Cable Construction C. B. L.* C. B. L.* C. B. L.*
No. in.   kN kg lb.
1.126 1 x 61 578.0 51,190 112,855


*C.B.L.= Characteristic Breaking Load; includes the typical 10% redution in cable strength due to swaging
NOTE: Imperial Cables are available ex. North America only – Contact our North American office for full details.
Cable length between fittings must be minimum 70 times cable diameter (Ø) for 1×61 construction.


Threaded Swage Terminals

Cable Ø Suits Turnbuckle Thread A B C D E Weight
in. in. in. in. in. in. oz.
1.126 PE985-60 M42 17.638 6.614 148.151


Ronstan Tensile Architecture