ACS3-GS Galfan Coated Steel, Open Spiral Strand Cable

Threaded Swage Terminal – Threaded Swage Terminal

PRODUCTCable ØCable ConstructionC. B. L.*C. B. L.*C. B. L.*
8.11x 1959.06,01013,260
10.11x 1993.09,48020,900
12.21x 1913413,66030,120
14.11 x 3718118,45040,690
17.01 x 3726026,51058,420
20.11 x 3736737,42082,462
24.41 x 3753754,750120,660
28.61 x 3772273,620162,228
31.31 x 6188490,140198,629
36.31 x 611,189121,240267,161


*C.B.L.= Characteristic Breaking Load; includes the typical 10% reduction in cable strength due to swaging.

NOTE: Imperial Cables are available ex. North America only – Contact our North American office for full details.

  • Cable length between fittings must be minimum 50 times cable diameter (Ø) for 1×19 and 1×37 construction.
  • Cable length between fittings must be minimum 70 times cable diameter (Ø) for 1×61 construction.


It comes down to function. No slick copy here. Simple, efficient, effective, slimline and minimalist; all words commonly used to describe ACS3, the cable with threaded ends for positive connection. If a static load needs to be carried or braced between two aligned points, and you have access to both sides of the connection plates, then ACS3 is the economical cable for you, even more so if you select galfan over stainless for corrosion protection.

While the cable may be simple, designing connections can be a challenge. We understand the structure behind the cable and can help with the development of your solution.


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