ARS2-SSM16 S520 Stainless Steel Rod


PRODUCT Thread Rod Ø Rod Mass Adjustment +-
Per Assembly
*2 Adjustment +-
Per Turnbuckle If Used
* Max Single
Rod Length
Min. Yield Load Min. Ultimate Load
No.   in. lb/ft in. in. ft kips kips
M16 0.630 0.934 0.591 0.984 19.7 18.30 23.3


Connection Plates & Centre Discs

* Joiners or turnbuckles may be used if maximum rod length material is not available and./or to reduce shipping costs or time.
*2 Where turnbuckle is required in order: ARS2-SSxxxTB






Fork End

Rod Ø  Thread A B C D E F Weight
in.   in. in. in. in. in. in. lb
0.630  M16 0.630 1.063 1.181 .630 4.370 1.693 2.06


Rod Ø Thread A B C Weight
in.   in. in. in. lb
 0.630  M16  0.945  1.772  1.299  0.49


Turnbuckle with Lock Nuts

Rod Ø Thread A B C Weight
in.    in.  in.  in. lb
 0.630 M16  0.945  3.346  1.299  0.42




Suitable for:

Ronstan Tensile Architecture