ARS3-SS 316 Stainless Steel Rods

Fixed Jaw – Fixed Jaw


PRODUCTThreadRod ØRod MassAdjustment +-
Per Assembly
* Max Single
Bar Length
Min. Yield LoadMin. Ultimate Load
10/32 UNF4.80.1413.04.048
1/4″ UNF6.40.2513.
5/16″ UNF7.90.3917.04.011.523
3/8″ UNF9.50.5621.04.017.535
1/2″ UNF12.71.0029.04.02753
5/8″ UNF15.91.5637.04.04285
3/4″ UNF19.12.2547.06.062124
7/8″ UNF22.23.0655.06.085169
1″ UNF25.
1 1/4″ UNF31.86.364.06.0178356


* Joiners or turnbuckles may be used if maximum rod length material is not available and/or to reduce shipping costs or time.

The industry benchmark. ARS3 is known world-wide as one of the original stainless rod systems. It marries the qualities of timeless aesthetics, lasting good looks, corrosion resistance and strength, in an economical and functional stainless rod tendon. So if a moderate static load needs to be carried or braced between two points, with simple efficiency and good looks at the same time, ARS3 should be the rod of choice.

The philosophy behind ARS3’s enduring appeal – no compromise on quality, with an electropolished finish now as standard for long lasting performance.


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