Catenary Details – Pole Connections

There are myriad pole types and styles available to the catenary designer, but the considerations are consistent to structural integrity, deflection and aesthetics.


Catenary Lighting Pole

The same load considerations mentioned in standard connections apply again with posts or poles, but deflection of the masts must also be understood. Deflection may de-tension the cable net resulting in an imbalance within the net and susceptibility to failure in certain circumstances.

It is important that the performance of the masts, poles or posts is carefully considered, preferably in the modelling and analysis of the net. This ensures deflections are identified and compensated for within the net design and footing design is resolved to support the overall net loads.

Of the different mast types deflection is less evident when tapered masts are used. Poles can also be pre-cambered to counteract expected deflections. Designers should be wary of the use of modular constructed poles with their limited loading capacity.

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