Catenary Lighting- Ronstan Tensile Architecture

The flexibility of catenary lighting suspended from Ronstan Tensile Architecture structural cables enables illumination with pinpoint accuracy. Suspended lighting and creative open space illumination creates a unique ambience and achieves a clear and useable footprint without light poles, masts or intrusive support structures.

We map our client’s needs before executing effective upfront planning in terms of feasibility, cost, “buildability” and schematic design performance to deliver a sound base for successful catenary and urban lighting executions.

Sculpture Garden Catenary Lighting at the Hall Arts Center

Dallas, TX

Application: Catenary Lighting

Catenary Lighting Installation at ‘Avenida Houston’

Houston, Texas, USA

Application: Catenary Lighting

Ithaca Commons

Boston, MA

Application: Signage Decoration

Rundle Mall Catenary Lighting

Adelaide, Australia

Application: Catenary Lighting

Brisbane Chinatown Catenary Lighting

Brisbane, Australia

Application: Catenary Lighting

Catenary Lighting at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre

Perth, Australia

Application: Catenary Lighting

Boston Convention Center Catenary Lighting

Boston, MA, USA

Application: Catenary Lighting

Bourke Street Mall Catenary Lighting

Melbourne, Australia

Application: Catenary Lighting

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