ARS1A-SS 316 Stainless Steel Rods

Fixed Jaw – Fixed Jaw


PRODUCTThreadRod ØRod MassAdjustment +-
Per Assembly
Max. Single Rod Length*Min.
Yield Load
Ult. Load
No. mmkg/mmmmkNkN
1/4″ UNF6.40.25184.07.214.5
5/16″ UNF7.90.39204.011.523
3/8″ UNF9.50.56234.017.535
1/2″ UNF12.71.00264.02753
5/8″ UNF15.91.56304.04285
3/4″ UNF19.12.25316.062124
7/8″ UNF22.53.06336.085169
1″ UNF25.44.00326.0110220
1 1/4″ UNF31.86.30326.0178356

* Joiner(s) may be used if required; if maximum rod length material is not available and/or to reduce shipping cost or time.
Note: ARS1A systems now use Condition A grade 316 stainless steel (with the same yield and ultimate loads as ARS3) Pre-2011 Condition B material was used. Contact Ronstan for further information. 

The beauty and form of tensile architecture demands more from a tendon than the simple transfer of load. Proof that optimal structural
performance does not always come at the expense of aesthetics, lies in the existence of ARS1A; a rod system of such elegance that its
real purpose and role in the structure are disguised.

The optimal strength to weight ratio of ARS1A ensures a minimal cross sectional area for your detail. With minimalist proportions,
unique adjustable end connections, and rods in highly polished Grade 316 stainless steel, ARS1A will guarantee tendons of the highest
efficiency and minimal self weight.


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