Swaging Guidelines – Ronstan Microloc Range Of Swage Fittings

Ronstan Microloc swage fittings are designed for use on balustrade railing markets and other architectural uses. These products are designed for use with the common swage machinery used in the rigging industry today. Wireteknik “pull thru” roll swagers are one such type machine. Roll swage pulling forces required are high. As such, some of these fittings use smaller swage outside diameters to permit swaging to occur without the pull of the swage loads damaging the swage fitting end.

The required swage die size information is listed below. This data also still applies if using other “driven” or other straight shank “swage press” types used in the market place today. Eg Marine world, Kearney, Loos and Co, Enerpac hydraulic flat die press style or any other swaging press type with swage dies which are are sized to the Ronstan “pre and post” swaging system dimensions.

The following table describes the matrix of wire size to swage type and required die size to be used to permit correct swaging and performance of Ronstan Microloc swage fittings.

 Table of recommended swage dies to use for pressing of Microloc swage fittings

Fitting ranges – Imperial
Fitting ranges – Metric
Swage screw OD Fork swage OD Headed swage OD Hidden thd Swage screw OD
Use swage dies to suit Use swage dies to suit Use swage dies to suit Use swage dies to suit
3mm – code 4 – 1/8″ 3mm – code 4 – 1/8″ 3mm – code 4 – 1/8″ 3mm – code 4 – 1/8″
3mm – code 4 – 1/8″ 3mm – code 4 – 1/8″ 3mm – code 4 – 1/8″ 3mm – code 4 – 1/8″
5mm – code 6 – 3/16″ 4mm – code 5 – 5/32″ 4mm – code 5 – 5/32″ 5mm – code 6 – 3/16″
5.5mm – code 7 – 7/32″ n/a n/a 5.5mm – code 7 – 7/32″


Table of wire size to fitting type / required swage die size to be used to swage correctly


Note Microloc swage terminations have reduced load capacities compared to standard Ronstan swage terminations. Microloc terminations are not designed for use in marine applications or applications requiring full strength of wire load capacities. 

Ensure correct safety precautions are followed for all operations.
Contact your local Ronstan representative for any other swageing or installation advice.

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